Company Overview

IBPIL is promoted by Mr. K. Raghu, an entrepreneur having rich experience in implementing and managing power projects. The group has been into business of power generation since 1999. Currently, Ind Barath group has a portfolio of nine projects in operation and another three projects under development/implementation. The group has 713 MW of capacity under operation and 2865 MW of assets under construction / development. These projects are geographically diversed in India viz. Andhra Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Himachal Pradesh, Kerala, Maharashtra, Orissa and Tamil Nadu. The projects are based on variety of fuels such as coal, gas and renewable energy sources(Biomass, Hydro & Wind).

IBPIL through its wholly owned subsidiary company viz. P T Ind Bharath Energy, incorporated in Indonesia, had acquired coal mines in South Kalimantan Region of Indonesia to secure sustained fuel supply to the group thermal power projects. The mines have proven coal deposits of more than 30 million tonnes, which is adequate to support the various group power projects.

60% of the equity holding in the flagship company (IBPIL) is held by promoters and the rest by PE investors. The group has raised various rounds of PE / structured financing in the past from various investors. The details are as under:

Round Amount (Rs. crores) Month / Year Investors
1st 290 June 2007 CITI group, UTI Ventures
2nd 425 October 2009 CITI, Sequoia, Bessemer
3rd 105 September 2009 PTC Financial Services
4th 200 March 2011 3i Group
5th 600 October 2011 Goldman Sachs
6th 400 May 2013 JP Morgan / Meryll Lynch

The Company is planning to hit the IPO market at an appropriate time.

The group has banking relations with about 35 banks / FIs and carries excellent record even during difficult times of the industry.